8How to buy Viagra

How to buy Viagra in a pharmacy if you are shy?

There are many reasons for a young man to decide to resort to Viagra. Erectile dysfunction can be the result of somatic and psychological problems. The first most often is inflammation of the prostate gland, known in the literature and communication as “prostatitis”.

Well, from the side of the psyche, difficulties cause stress, general depression, self-doubt, suspiciousness or anxiety, various disorders that may not have a clear clinical picture.

In any case, the active substance of the drug over the counter viagra pill Over the counter viagra the conditions for blood to enter the cavernous bodies of the male genital organ and there remains a long period, which is enough for a full sexual intercourse. If “Viagra”, even in substantial doses, does not help, then the matter is bad. Then a comprehensive examination is necessary, for sure there is some kind of completely physical illness. Fortunately, this is very rare. The drug helps almost everyone.

However, those who want to buy it meet two problems - it is expensive and awkward to buy. The psychological aspect mainly affects men under 40. Then people change, become more indifferent to such trifles, but at first shyness and shyness concern almost everyone. Only some are able to push them to the periphery of consciousness, while others panically leave pharmacies. Especially if the saleswoman is a young girl.

How to be in such a situation? Let's consider the most rational and effective approaches.