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2014 was a very important year for Cultura UDG as we celebrated our ten-year anniversary of promoting cultural activities in their diverse forms of expression. This year was undoubtedly also one of many successes, world-class events and emotional experiences that would not have been possible without you.

We were pleased to welcome thousands of spectators who, eager to experience culture, arrived ready to take part in world-class events at venues including the Art Museum, Cineforo, Experimental Theater, Vivian Blumenthal Theater, Teatro Diana and the Expo Guadalajara.

These events included theater and musical shows, film cycles, visual arts exhibitions, dance functions, philosophical talks, literary workshops, activities at university centers and various awards including the Second Bi-Annual José Atanasio Monroy Painting Contest. The contest brought together over 727 pieces of art from 29 states and was organized in close collaboration with the authorities of the Costa Sur University Center.

We also held international-quality festivals including Papirolas, the International Music Fair for Professionals (FIMPRO), COORDENA, the Guadalajara International Film Festival (FICG and FICG in LA) and the Guadalajara International Book Fair (FIL). All of these events made an important contribution to our international cultural offerings this year.

In 2014 university outreach was one of our most important activities. Outreach activities connected Cultura UDG with University Centers in working together towards their mutual benefit. This relationship has positively impacted the university community and in 2015 we will continue to work to strengthen the University Network in order to contribute to the process of building a multicultural society with the values and humanism that distinguish our university.

We would like to thank all the actors, musicians, directors, production staff and various organizers who play a fundamental role in Cultura UDG, and, most importantly, we thank everyone who attended our events. Your support in building this cultural project is indispensable.

We say goodbye to 2014 with gratitude for everything we have accomplished and with the certainty that 2015 will continue to be a year of many achievements... Thanks for joining us!




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