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In 2014 university outreach was one of our most important activities. Outreach activities connected Cultura UDG with University Centers in working together towards their mutual benefit. This relationship has positively impacted the university community and in 2015 we will continue to work to strengthen the University Network in order to contribute to the process of building a multicultural society with the values and humanism that distinguish our university.

More than 80 activities were held in collaboration with the University centers with over 10,000 participants, including students, members of the University community and the general public in a variety of cultural activities and productions. Part of the repertoire of stage shows included Lluvia Implacable, Más pequeños que el Guggenheim and Amor Sexo y mis Papás; amazing dance shows like the UDG Ballet Folklórico and contemporary dance with the Gineceo production of  Xitxel; concerts, with the original group from Guadalajara Radaid, the wixarica group from Colotlán Konfidentes de la Sierra and the Orquesta de Cámara Higinio Ruvalcaba, the UP choir, Charles D Ensamble jazz group and the delivery of books to university centers.

Additional activities included interactive Cafés Filosóficos (that were also held at the International Book Fair as Philosophical Minutes); artistic awards including the 2nd Bi-Annual José Atanasio Monroy Painting Contest that brought together over 727 works from 29 states,  and which was held in close collaboration with the authorities at the Costa Sur University Center; art galleries including the Arcón de los Recuerdos; Papirolas workshops held on October 21 in Autlán, October 22 in La Huerta, October 23 in Cuautitlán and November 5 in Ciudad Guzmán.



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