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Director of the Dancing on Screen Festival

1. What inspired your love for dance?
My love for dance comes from a natural love for rhythm and movement. It is born from understanding, from my childhood, family parties, and games. Everything was related to music, everyone embodied rhythm, beat and cadence. As a child my first steps were dancing my favorite pieces my father taught me. To me dancing has been the story of my life.

2. Can you briefly describe your experience in the world of professional dance?
Naturally, it began with the basic steps of discipline, effort and work. With time I began to understand, from many different teachers, the many ways of dancing, interpreting, expressing emotions and ideas with the body’s music. Dancing is self-expression, living in the moment.

3. What was the process of separating with a dance group to start your own professional project like?
I felt the need to explore new corporal narratives within the production, to search for new forms of expression, so I decided to start on a new path to create dance. Art must be a constant search, it requires new beginnings. My experience of being independent has not been easy. I have had to open myself up to possibilities that involve multidisciplinary creative processes. Being independent has given me the opportunity to meld genres, formats and diversity in dance in its multiple manifestations. It has also allowed me to build bridges with new and different forms of making dance around the world, strengthening my knowledge and enriching the dance offerings in my community.

4. What role has Cultura UDG played in the process?
Cultura UDG has been fundamental and key to my development and processes towards professionalization. Having the support of Cultura UDG has allowed me to discover production possibilities I never knew existed. It has given me the tools to communicate my ideas and share processes with world-class colleagues. It has allowed me to mature and grow the DANCING ON SCREEN Festival as well as explore the diverse forms of stage expressions such as directing, producing and casting calls for video dances, creating projects with experimental ideas as well as working with more commercial proposals that allow me managing freedom.

5. What can we expect to see at this year’s Dancing on Screen?
We hope to reach a wider audience than in previous years. I look to build bridges with dance. We want people to move individually, but especially collectively in a public plaza with the motivation and rhythm that brings life to life.
My goal is to create long term connections with professional dance companies abroad and participate in cultural exchanges with dancers from other countries to share diverse experiences and techniques.

6. What projects are you planning?
To continue making visual art, artistic choreographing that reaches a wider audience, national and international tours with the professional company CRISOL, exchanges and collaborations with the Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Company, to encourage the production of video dances and continue to build the Dance and Electronic Media Festival.



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