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The Guadalajara International Film Festival is one of the most important cultural events in the city and the country and an important showcase for the appreciation, promotion and distribution of Mexican and Ibero-American film.

The Guadalajara International Film Festival began as the Mexican Film Exhibition in Guadalajara on March 10, 1986. It was originally organized by the University of Guadalajara in collaboration with the Cinematographic Studies Coordination (DISCA), IMCINE, the Ministry of the Interior and several film schools including the CCC and CUEC. The showings in the first year were held at the Cabañas Theater and the Guadalajara Regional Museum.

The festival was held as an exhibition until its 16th year, when in 2001 it became a film festival, adopting the name Guadalajara Film Fest. A year later it became an international event in its 17th year, adopting its current name of Guadalajara International Film Festival.

In 2011, with the goal of providing even more support for arts and culture through film, the festival began to present a selection of the best films from the Guadalajara International Film Festival in Los Angeles. The first screenings were produced in collaboration with the Hollywood American Cinematheque and were called Mexican Cinema/ FICG (Guadalajara International Film Festival). Subsequently, in 2012 in Los Angeles, the Guadalajara Film Exhibition in Universal City was presented, which three years later adopted the official name of FICG in LA.

Currently the FICG maintains ties with other festivals including Cannes, which co-organizes the Guadalajara Film Market Producers Network. This meeting is an exchange of ideas between professionals in the field, and with the Berlin Festival, the Talent Campus Event is held for the formation of Ibero-American filmmakers. At the San Sebastian Festival, new European tendencies are programmed.

As part of the festival’s formation activities Talent Campus is held, in which filmmakers and critics participate; Doculab, where experts analyze and evaluate documentaries in post-production processes; as well as the Meeting with Creators and Writing with Light.

The long history of this event, which has become one of the most important in Ibero-America, means that the festival has evolved along with Mexican film. In addition to its offering of films, it also provides spaces for training, marketing and business that take advantage of the continental platform the festival has become.

This year, in celebration of the festival’s 30th anniversary, we will have the special presence of Italy and tribute will be paid, through the Posthumous Maguey Award, to Italian filmmaker Paolo Pasolini who was murdered in 1975.

With Cultura UDG’s support the Film Festival has succeeded in becoming one of the most important international strategic platforms in the film exhibition and programming sectors. The event also reveals the tremendous support for Mexican and Ibero-American film as a whole.




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