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As a continual supporter of arts and culture, the University of Guadalajara creates spaces that are symbols of cultural expression. Through its links with the University Network (RU) it offers projects and expressions in various disciplines that already exist as part of the network, in addition to the artistic activities that form part of each university center. Through this unit, the University Center for Art, Architecture and Design’s (Cultura UDG) Secretariat of Outreach and Cultural Promotion aims to organize a constant rotation of artistic expressions and manifestations in the RU that resonate in the University of Guadalajara’s various university centers.

The University of Guadalajara is committed to the fundamental tasks that frame institutional policies, with regards to the role of universities as stakeholders in shaping and promoting culture. In addition to the important role of universities in cultural development, they also play a key role in the development of research, promotion and creation. As a result, universities serve as active links to issues of culture where an ever-evolving identity emanating from social nuclei is formed.

It is important to emphasize the benefits, exchange and feedback that occur as part of our existing cultural offering, both in the university centers and those created by Cultura UDG. These processes contribute to the formation of a collective identity in students and the public attending these events and establish a conscience of cultural consumerism. All artistic manifestations have an impact on a community by meeting all of society’s need for a sense of belonging.

With the University of Guadalajara’s presence across the state, it is necessary to effectively and efficiently continue to strengthen ties and communication with public, social and private sectors so that the activities within our institution are directly related to the needs of the community surrounding it.

Work is being actively carried out to encourage the formation of audiences within the University Network.

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